Monthly Archives: May 2011

welcome to the awesome!

i am mx. punk and this is my pretty splendid blog.  if you want to know what i look like, you may direct your attention to the left of this text.  as you can see, i am veryvery sexy.  plus, i’m an artist of uncommon talent.

what is genderpunk?  genderpunk is about having a diy attitude toward gender.  it’s also about gender anarchy.

as a genderqueer pansexual thing, i exist outside the gender binary and i wanna tell you about what that’s like for me.  as a genderqueer pansexual thing, i  wanna hear about what it’s like to be you and what it’s like to be the gender you are.

mostly, i want this to be a space for exploring non-binary gender, transgender issues, and whether or not dinosaurs would want to fingerpaint if they had fingers.  if you have any thoughts on any of these or related topics, shout them out!