the gender binary is NOT to be used as a broadsword! stop it!

as a non-binary trans person, i know what it’s like to be attacked by people wielding their belief in the gender binary like a broadsword.

for example, when i bind my chest and dress the way i always do, i’m allowed to open doors for myself.  when i wear a bra and otherwise dress the same way, i’m expected to wait for the nearest man to open the door for me.  this is ridiculous because my gender is the same no matter what clothes i’m wearing.

of course, when people attack me with their faith in this restrictive, binary system, i attempt to elucidate the matter.

when i try talk about my gender and how i live outside the gender binary, the people i’m talking to almost invariably have no idea what i’m talking about.  ideas like “gender binary”, “gender-neutral pronouns”, and “non-binary gender” are rejected as being too impossible to even consider.

i can’t seem to find language simple enough to satisfy some of these people!  sure, sometimes people look thoughtful and respectful, but others really do reject the rejection of the gender binary.

we need new words, but we might need new brains to think of them.

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