sweetsweet cupcake!

this cupcake is for ladyxxxlazarus for being the first person to EVER mention me in a post using non-gendered pronouns!  yummy!  and thanks!

let’s all eat cupcakes! the pic makes it look like there’s only one cupcake, but there is actually a cupcake for everyone in the entire world.  so, huzzah!

2 responses to “sweetsweet cupcake!

  1. I just came to your blog to demand you produce more things for me to read, and then I saw this. XD Hehe thanks! I’mma put it up on my blog with pride.

  2. you’re veryvery welcome! i think the frosting is minty and i think the cake part might be choclate-y. the sprinkles are probably purple-flavored.

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