being trans in concert band— a tale told in colorings

ok, so i’m currently trying to get my bachelors of music in jazz studies.  that means that i’m, like, taking 9 courses every fucking semester and that i’m drowning in mixolydian and solfege.  it’s fucking fun, obviously, or i wouldn’t be doing it, but going back to school and having to deal with gendered public washrooms, sexist profs, and all sorts of ridiculous situations is… enthralling.

one class i’m taking is pedagogy.  the point of it is to learn how to teach a group of kids how to play their instruments.  we go about this by each choosing an instrument that’s from a different family than our main instrument, and then forming a class concert band.  my main instrument is my voice; i chose to play the electric bass for this class.

bass is turning out to be rad!  when i’m playing bass, i like to stand all badass and make the “face of funk”— you guys all know what that looks like.  you know.  “bass-face”.  yeah.  it’s splendid.

so we’re playing stuff like “mary had a little lamb” and “hot cross buns” because these instruments are brand new to us.  we go to play some silly little duet with a part “a” and a part “b”— and, well, my colorings will tell the rest.

yay!  and that’s my silly pedagogy incident!  it’s a true story, folks.  my prof told me not to swallow my (bass) strings!  you like?

8 responses to “being trans in concert band— a tale told in colorings

  1. hahaha your drawings are so cute

  2. yay! thanks! that makes me happy!

  3. I can’t believe your professor said that! Just, wow.

    Beautiful re-telling though.

  4. yeah, he’s a pretty silly guy. i guess he had no idea that i was really talking about my non-binary gender; he thought i was just being totally silly. i mean, i DO wear kitty ears. i should probably stop responding with silliness (ex. “i’m not a girl! I’m a kitty”) when people misgender me.

    i’m stoked that you like my pics! thanks!

  5. Meh, if you stopped responding with silliness, what would you be left with, seriousness? Sometimes silliness and humor are a good door.

  6. well, yeah, silliness brings us great things like pinwheels, fingerpaints and true joy— and silliness can be a great door. it’s just that i’m not using silliness as a door; i’m using silliness as… a way out. like, someone will tell me i’m a sweet girl and i’ll be like, “i’m a kitty, not a fucking girl!” and that will be that. the person will end up thinking that i didn’t mean anything by calling myself a “kitty” and will go right on ahead misgendering me.

    i need to follow the silliness with the truth. i should be like, “no, seriously, i don’t identify as female or as male— please don’t call me a girl or a boy. thanks.” yes. silliness = door. i can do this.

  7. Hahaha, S____ -would- come up with an awesome response like that. :-P

  8. it was pretty awesome. he was doing that awesome squinty-peering-thing, too. yay!

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