the gender bill of rights

i’m posting an article by Asher over at (read original article).  this is pretty fucking amazing shit and i want to help spread it around.  so, yeah, make everyone you know, trans or not, read asher’s gender bill of rights.

’nuff said.  here’s the goods.

“These rights are inalienable, mandatory, and to be taken seriously at all times. This is a model of gender that is fully individual, consensual, voluntary, and free from state intervention.  This model of gender has been designed not to oppress anyone and in fact has been designed to benefit all who are affected by gender in this society (that is to say, everyone), including men, women, non-binary people, agender people, cis people, trans people, intersex and non-intersex people, hetero, queer, and asexual people.  We are a long way from adopting this model, and to do so would take time.  But doing so can ultimately only benefit us all.

1. You have a right to have your gender treated as valid, equal and real.

2. You have a right to be referred with proper forms of address, including pronouns, honorifics, correct names, and appropriate gender descriptors.

3. You have a right to change how you feel about, talk about, relate to and wish others to relate to your gender, or indeed to change your gender itself, in any way, at any time.

4. You have a right to not have a gender.

5. You have a right to privacy about your gender or lack thereof.

6. No one’s gender should ever be assumed.  No one should ever be assumed to have a gender.

7. You have a right to full control over your gender beginning at birth. No surgical alterations should be made on unconsenting infants in order to fit them into a certain paradigm of gender. Gendered names, pronouns, and descriptors should never be used until children can decide for themselves how they wish to be known to the world.

8. Education should be unbiased towards any gender or lack of gender. Children of school age have a right to role models of any or no gender.

9. You have a right to be attracted to anybody of any gender or lack of gender, and to carry on sexual or romantic relationships with any number of consenting individuals regardless of gender.

10. You have a right to engage in any consensual sex act, regardless of your gender.

11. You have a right to say no at any time to anyone, regardless of your or their gender.

12. You have a right to raise children, regardless of your gender.

13. You have a right to access contraception, permanent birth control, and abortion as needed, regardless of your gender.

14. You have a right to express any emotion that you feel, regardless of your gender.

15. You have a right to dress and present yourself in any way that you desire, regardless of your gender.

16. You have a right to total control over your own body and sole authority in making decisions about it.

17. The state of your body should not be considered a factor in the validity of your gender. Levels of hormones or number of surgeries that you may or may not have undergone should have no influence on how your gender is viewed by others.

18. You have a right to employment and fair wages, regardless of your gender.

19. You have a right to housing, regardless of your gender.

20. You have a right to education, regardless of your gender.

21. You have a right to healthcare, regardless of your gender, including the right to vital psychological and medical services which may relate to your gender, including hormone therapy and transgender surgeries of any kind. Access to these necessary services should be unabridged.

22. No one’s gender should ever be pathologized.

23. You have a right to relieve yourself in public bathrooms which are safe, private, and desegregated.

24. You have a right to expect that the state, if a state there must be, shall not interfere with, demand information about, or mistreat you on the basis of your gender. You should not be identified to the state or to others by information about your gender. There should be no need for gender markers on any form of legal identification.

25. No organization, governmental or otherwise, has the right to demand information about your gender. Medical professionals need only know details about their patient’s anatomy, and appropriate polite forms of address to be used with their patients, including correct names, pronouns and honorifics, nothing more.

26. To the legal system, if a legal system there must be, your gender should be immaterial. You should not be placed in solitary confinement based on your gender. You should not be placed in segregated facilities of any kind based on your gender. You should have a fair trial, regardless of your gender. You have a right to a jury of your peers, i.e. transgender people have a right to not be judged by cisgender people who may be viciously biased against us.”  —Asher (read original article).

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