i exist, thanks— and so do you.

here’s a shout with unsound grammar:

i don’t “identify” as non-binary trans— why do we have to say shit like that?  i’m not a woman and i’m not a man— it’s fucking simple and there’s no “identifying” invloved cuz i know what i am and that’s non-binary trans.  what i DO identify as is “fed up with bigots of all flags”.

my gender is not a phase.  my sexuality is not a phase.  within the framework of my life, i am not a phase— but life is a phase, peoples, cuz it ENDS.  life is the biggestlittlest most lovliest phase we ever know.

2 responses to “i exist, thanks— and so do you.

  1. Captainfabulous

    Thanks for the post, it means a lot to me (especially the sign).
    Though I may grasp myself in a infinite amount of ways, I do feel like being genderqueer and pansexual are integral to my being: they allow me to grasp the meaning that I posit within the world. They allow me to wake up and smile. They allow me to feel less limited and be who I want to be. And I’m not going anywhere.


  2. thanks for the feedback! i’m reallyreally stoked that you dig this little post!

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