transgender day of remembrance

  • “at least one transgender person is murdered every month; several more are assaulted.
  • 55% of transgender youth report being physically attacked.
  • nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives, and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt
  • more than half of transgender and gender non-conforming people who were bullied, harassed or assaulted in school because of their gender identity have attempted suicide.”  (glaad)

221 trans people have been murdered this year (so far).  apparently, that’s up from 179 last year.  (trans respect versus transphobia)

41% of trans people have attempted suicide, compared to 1.6% of the general population.  (injustice at every turn)


november 20th 2011 is the 13th annual transgender day of remembrance.  it’s a time to consider the trans people who have lost their lives, through homicide or through suicide, or who have experienced transphobic violence of any kind.

so i want to write something poignant and important about violence against trans people, but what is there to say?  that it needs to stop? no shit.  that transphobia touches trans people of all kinds?  again, no shit.

i guess all there is to say is that we should all take a moment today to consider those who have suffered for their transness.  i know that includes all of us— so let us consider ourselves as well as those who have died.  let us never forget why we need to educate the world.

here is a very incomplete list of trans people who have been murdered this year: krissy bates, marcal camero tye, miss nate nate, lashai mclean, shelley hilliard, camilla guzman.  don’t forget, peoples.

edit (may 24, 2012):  k.  so this post is basically appropriation. transgender day of remembrance isn’t really about trans* people– cuz the overwhelming majority of murdered trans* people are WOMEN.  cuz transmisogyny is a thing and dfab (designated female at birth) trans* people have privilege over dmab trans* people.

so this post is kinda shitty cuz it doesn’t acknowledge the reality of transmisogyny and i’m sorry, folks.  i’m not going to change it and cover up my tracks– i’m just going to do better next time.

it’s privilege ownin’ time.

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