i’ve been banned!

and i’m fucking excited!  getting censored is, evidently, rather thrilling.

i can imagine myself as a romantic, punk/space/ninja of awesome, stoically flying a rainbow spaceship into deep space (cue the dramatic music).  i’m like a romantic, old-school outlaw!  right?  mwa.

yeah, so lifesitenews has banned me; i left a few very polite comments that ended up being deleted.  and, seriously, they were POLITE comments; i was a bit nervous about entering the comment fray (some of the commenters over there were ANGRY), so i was cautious of my diction.  maybe someone complained after following the link to my blog?  and didn’t like the rainbows?

so, you know.  *looks away stoically*  it’s time for me to move on; the galaxy needs this old punk/space/ninja of awesome.  give ’em hell for me.  *proud tear*

22 responses to “i’ve been banned!

  1. From what I can tell Mx. Punk you are way better of without them… I read a little on their site and it’s a bunch of bigoted whooey. They don’t seem to be openly pushing a religions banner, but I have heard that kind of junk over and over from religious fundamentalist more than enough to last a lifetime. Problem is this my Kittie-like maestro, the religious, dogmatic, anti-choice crowd doesn’t care how “nice” or “polite” you are. The religiously driven party line doesn’t want your approval it wants you direct and stringent obedience to it’s because “they are right and everyone else is going to hell”. There site leaks like a sieve with religious fundamentalism.

    Anyone who disagrees with them is the Spawn of Satan. Its a real world game of plug your ears and sing “Lalala, I can’t hear you”. I have ran into that on many fundamentalist driven religious sites, especially those that are anti-gay/same-sex marriage/abortion/et cetera or anything based in dogmatic (Abrahamic, usually) beliefs. They have “Debates” where they delete and/or ban the dissenters regardless of evidence, or the validity of that position and pump up the comments of those who agree. However, this is just my opinion and I am biased you know, being a “Godless Barbarian” and all. What’s funny is that atheists don’t believe in God and respect their fellow man, while the religious do and beat up their fellow man for God accusing everyone else of being barbaric.

    You are 1 Googolplex X ∞ (infinity) of Space Ninja Awesome Sauce with Mega Ultra Supernovae on Top and Sprinkles, which means then couldn’t touch your awesome in even their wildest, acid-trip fueled imaginations. ***Stands in a super nova with hand on hip drinking a glass of milk and then stops saying “Mmm, does a body good!”***

  2. As a cautionary note to that comment, I am not anti-religion just anti-bigotry under the guise of a divine sanction. I have no issue with Theist, but many with Judea-Christian Fundamentalists. I am against all forms of hate religious or otherwise bigotry, though it may seem I am bigoted against said religions I am not. I just speak out against the bigoted part of it.

  3. “Space Ninja Awesome Sauce with Mega Ultra Supernovae on Top and Sprinkles”

    with sprinkles?! yay! thanks, cat!

    “Anyone who disagrees with them is the Spawn of Satan.”

    this is true. i still like knowing where the bigots are at; they get up to all sorts of silly antics. i read articles like that for a laugh, but also so i know what they’re doing; you should never turn your back on an enemy, ya know.

    one of the comments that got deleted was an honest question; i was just curious! i wanted to know what they thought about something– ‘s’all. oh, well.

    honestly, i’m pretty giddy about the whole thing. it’s just ‘larious!

  4. I ditto that, I was tempted to get myself banned semi on purpose with you. You should feel proud that you unsettle them so much they felt the need to silence your opinion. However, I still hope for a world one day where the silencing of differing opinions is a thing of the past. That is what is funny though. They aren’t afraid of the rabid, frothing at the mouth opponents of their position. Why? Because they can twist that to their advantage to justify that pseudonym for other people that those “people who are different from their value system are unhappy, belligerent, and very uncivilized”.

    The greatest threat you can pose as an outsider is to contradict the perception that you are just another “lost soul” by demonstrating in your own character that their perceptions are wrong. It is why that group “A million mothers” went out of it’s way to try to stop J C Penny’s from Hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokes person. Some conservative pieces on her even eluded to the fact that she is a threat because she is actually a worthy, well put together role-model that GLBT people aren’t the sad, loathsome creatures their pastors refer to them as.

    Anyone who stands as a beacon against their ignorance is a threat to their cause. What is ironic is that they don’t realize how disingenuous, and hypocritical that position really is. But, it does point back to the fact that a large category of people within those beliefs is only dimly aware of the reality that GLBT are in fact people. But, the battle is won little by little every time you refuse to cave into the pressure they put on you to make you fall into the stereotype they try to paint you into. Thus you get my bravo and kudos X a billion.

    You really should be proud, under that circumstance that you were the better person. I just hope that one day the world realizes that queerness, homosexuality, transgenderism, et cetera so fort ad nauseum is not contractible through any means whatsoever. As I put it, “You either are, or you aren’t”. Our culture could certainly learn to be less rigid about their sexuality, but it would only reveal that which was already there. Our existence or non-existence doesn’t hinge on their acceptance or non-acceptance, a concept that is founded in historical fact.

  5. Congratulations! You must be so proud!
    Secondly, who the fuck doesn’t like rainbows? It is the spectrum of light after all…what do you hate light too? Geez.

  6. @ reneta: i guess if i’d been rude and hysterical, they might’ve left my comments as examples of “evil”. maybe i was too respectful and logical for them. ah, well.

    @ sonicrhubarb: thanks! i am veryvery proud, as you can probably tell from my effusive post and excessively-cool self-portrait. lolz.

    i think some anti-choice peoples might not like rainbows. seriously. well, k, maybe they didn’t like the profanity. i do have a colorful tongue.

  7. Arguably people like that probably deserve a stern tone, but I can see your point.

  8. Posi-femme (once Anon Jaster)

    I’m going to miss you Mx Punk!!! You kicked some cis and binarist supremacist ass on this site and have been very helpful and inspirational to me!!! :DDDDD
    Rainbows, glitter, explosions, hooray!!!

  9. genderqueer_atheist

    Great post. Thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new posts. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight your posts can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  10. @ genderqueer_atheist: “Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight your posts can get.”

    vein-y, too.

    @ Posi-femme: i’m actually still posting on lifesitenews– i’m just not logging in with my wordpress account. same username and email address, though; they know who i am and they can ban me again if they want. we’ll see how that goes. mostly, i just wanna read stuff there, anyway.

    hooray for rainbow glitter explosions! BOOM!

  11. Matthew Pemrich

    So this site is some sort of echo chamber? They delete even the most politely-phrased comments opposed to their views and ban anyone who holds a different view?

  12. it seems to be almost that bad. honestly, on my blog, there’s no way someone could phrase their cissexism politely enough to keep me from deleting their comments, so it isn’t hard to see why they might’ve banned me. i think they just decided they didn’t want me there. which is fine; i asked a few questions, i got some answers, and i feel like i understand those people a bit better. like they aren’t a bunch of faceless monsters, ya know?

  13. Matthew Pemrich

    You seem a pretty awesome person. I hope you’re at least willing to poke at me first if I accidentally reveal a cissexist quirk. I’m quite accepting a person (and internally identify … differently—non-binary is a relatively new term for me, but I don’t know if it quite fits any more than male or female—though I generally put on a more masculine face in interpersonal real-world interactions because it matches my appearance and plumbing). I just… I guess I have a lot of catching up to do as far as any culture is concerned and I’d rather be corrected than tossed aside because of my inexperience with the issues.

  14. I would have to say I agree with you to at least one degree… People are all human. However, the people who who fought for Hitler, and those who ran Nazi death camps were also humans. That is where the line separating the two becomes eerily blurred. While the people of that site may not themselves be monsters, they harbor an ideology which is guilty for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people like you and me throughout the ages. I am not saying those people are like the Nazis, but there is a point in all this.

    They may not be the armed soldiers of it’s cause, but they house and foster the ideals that send that sort of hatred forth. Certainly their guilt is not equal to that of a perpetrator; however, there is still blood on their hands. Most of the time it’s the complacency to the harm an ideology causes that leads to atrocities like those against the Jewish people. This atrocity has been enacted time and again against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and queer people in the name of those ideals.

    These people are actively championing the ideas that take rights from their fellow man, that facilitate their diminished status and humanity in society, and it is encompassed by an entire set of beliefs that causes direct harm to people like you and me. While each person is free to believe as they see fit, they are still responsible for the harm they facilitate. It’s because they see it as an idea, and do not recognize it as a real thing, nor the harm it causes.

    All it takes to have a holocaust is for the othering of people, and the “regulation” of those others to get out of hand and good people to do nothing. Evil comes not of demons, but of good men and women who let it happen. That being said, we should still show compassion to those who despise us, and we shouldn’t ever for any reason reciprocate their hate. It’s important to recognize their humanity though they may be wrong in their position.

    The whole idea here is not that people can be monsters… No… It’s that all it takes is an idea. When that idea is accepted as fact with flawed justification to kill other human beings, to stifle their breaths, to take their rights and humanity, to drive them to suicide, or to drive those patrons to murder, maim, rape, assault, torture, or otherwise bring harm to us. People are people, and people are irrational creatures. Atrocities aren’t things that only happen in the past.

    People can get so swept away in their beliefs that they forget to see other human beings with the value they see themselves. They lose their reason, and rationale when surrendered to such a powerful cause. No human being is a true monster, for all human beings are human. It’s ideas, the lack of critical evaluation of them, in addition to people who know to do better staying silent and static that leads Ideas to becoming Monsters.

    Most atrocities are perpetrated one person at a time, and it’s easy to miss them. You need not take up arms to facilitate the greatest level of harm. It’s important to recognize the idea for the harm it causes without reciprocating the hatred upon it’s supporters fueling the vicious cycle. However, people can so embody ideas that attacking an idea can be equated to attacking a person. It’s unreasonable to me to hold an idea so unquestioningly that it clouds your reason, but I am sure I have done it as well.

    That is why you were banned and that is why ideas can be so dangerous. People take them up like banners, and harbor them in their hearts like children. They circumvent their reason, and capacity to know an unclouded picture of right and wrong, and they distort their own morality. It dehumanizes their opponents and makes the circumvention of their autonomy justifiable. Nameless volumes of atrocities of been done in such a manner and in a way which is less historically noticeable that other atrocities.

    That is why sites like that are so bad, not because they are run by monsters, but because their ideas are the atrocious monsters and they do inevitably cause harm.

  15. @ matthew pemrich: “I hope you’re at least willing to poke at me first if I accidentally reveal a cissexist quirk.”

    of course! honestly, i wasn’t talking about slip-ups from well-intentioned people. i guess i was talking about someone coming over here to ‘splain to us that queerness is a choice and that it’s disgusting/wrong/evil. cuz there’s no way that could be phrased politely enough, ya know?

    honest mistakes are common; i make them ALL the time. after i post something, someone always messages me to point out that i’ve marginalized x group of people or used problematic language (and i do a little midnight editing). i would never toss someone aside because they lack experience; we all start somewhere, right? i think of this as a space for learning/growing and being silly– so i’m sure you’ll do just fine.

    and i’m always stoked to have a new commenter; yay! thanks for commenting! feel free to check out my blogroll; there’s some good stuff in there. and i totally encourage asking questions, cat.

  16. @ reneta: i know, cat– and it makes me sad. i just don’t want to be all “us vs them,” ya know? yes, we need to be wary. yes, we need to stand and fight, sometimes. some things cannot be compromised. but i think it’s important to know our enemies and to TRY to communicate with them; people are dynamic and open communication is powerful. i’m not saying i think we’ll all live together in a rainbow castle in the enchanted forest– i just don’t like to write anyone off.

    “Most atrocities are perpetrated one person at a time, and it’s easy to miss them.”

    word. this is deadly-true, cat. “little” things like telling your kid that that t****y over there is evil/disgusting/wrong is a pretty serious act of un-awesome. the “little” things can do the harshest damage.

  17. It was just something I was thinking about when breaking down exactly what prejudice was, and I thought it was a useful insight to see those things as ideas and humans as humans. Humans are flawed little things… Silly humans! I hope I didn’t sound too preachy, but since your blog was sort of connected to this topic, and I was thinking “Hey, someone might one day here it” and connect the dots and change their way of thinking.

    I think personally as a rational reasoning person that is of the keenest importance that we put our ideas, our concepts, even our beliefs on trial. Then and only then will we be able to rid ourselves of ideas that contradict reality. That is what science is, and science makes spaceships… I like spaceships if you hadn’t figured it out. As always I love you blogs, and they always hit home and have great point, furthermore points that are well supported.

    Keep it up the good work, and use your voice as you have in these times of change, and hopefully one day we will “live together in a rainbow castle in the enchanted forest”. I don’t often find many people talking about how dangerous our ideas can be. I will hope, and hopefully work with you to create that future. The sooner we as a race stop denying that which we are the better, in the context of gender and sexuality of coarse.

  18. nope– you didn’t sound preachy! i totally value your opinions; i love your long comments, cat! and i really like to think of humans that way, too. actually, here’s a link to a related video: http://www.ted.com/talks/philip_zimbardo_on_the_psychology_of_evil.html it’s pretty nuts; you might like it.

    …if we ever get to live in a rainbow castle in the enchanted forest, can there be slides to get from one floor to another? mwa.

  19. I wouldn’t have a rainbow castle in the enchanted forest with out them! WHEE!

  20. You are much better off not wasting your time arguing with the assorted shitheads at Life Site News. FSTDT (Fundies Say The Darndest Things) is one of my hangouts, and we collect crazy, insane, and bigoted quotes from fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists, racists, and other bigots around the internet. Life Site News is one of our common sources.


  21. actually, i read life site news for giggles, these days. they’re TOO funny– and none of their readers seem to notice how the columnists don’t usually cite their sources… sdhfdhkjdfhgdfj

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