a silly story

and then, after i finally got my tits to look sufficiently flat, i realized that peoples had witnessed my extreme cupcakery.  mwa.

6 responses to “a silly story

  1. Can I have them? I promise to take care of them! (bia be still waiting for the hrt)

  2. yes! please take them!!!! they’re lovely, healthy, and they’re all yours!

    seriously though, i totally wish i could donate my tits to one of my trans* sisters. i’d be way less hesitant about getting top surgery if i could find them a new home. …i’m silly, aren’t i?

  3. I’ve often thought about offering up the little soldiers for adoption, “mostly round, slightly used, good condition and free to anyone willing to give them a good home.”

  4. lolz! you’re deeply awesome! you’d totally have some takers!

  5. <3 If only I was rich, the world would have awesome bio-science. If I was a little more detail oriented, I'd have a secret lab… oh the possibilities!

  6. oooh! a secret lab! if you had a secret lab would you be an awesome doctor-wizard with rainbow super powers? cuz that’d be fun. XD

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