makeup is not inherently misogynist

fem(mes) who think fem(me) might be a misogynist identity, i got some stuff to say to you.  i know it’s cliche, but i wanna say it anyway.  here goes.

be fierce (if you like), be proud.  wear your makeup as loud as you please (or not) and read this article.

you are not the sick product of the patriarchy; you are unique and dazzling fem(mes)!  the notions that all fem(mes) are women, that all women are fem(mes), and that all fem(mes) are passive and weak are the sick products of the patriarchy, not your subversive femininity.

cuz femininity can be subversive.  every time a fem(me) decorates themself with the trappings of their dazzling choosing for THEMSELF, they tell misogynists to fucking get over their shit.  cuz fem(me) is the reclamation of pride in femininity, isn’t it?

*   *   *

fem(mes), please tell me if this post is problematic in any way.  I don’t id as fem(me) and I’d love some feedback.

11 responses to “makeup is not inherently misogynist

  1. so, i just realized that this post sorta rhymes. total accident. sorry if it reads like a dr. seuss book!

  2. Aniel Jaster

    “Feminists” who equate all femininity to cisheteropatrchiarcal femininity disgust me; often I feel like they’re trying to distance themselves away from what they consider to be “gender regulation,” and in doing so are even more regulated by it, thus the anti femme misognyinstic crap that you see flippin over ever, in and out of “feminist” circles.

    Any fem(me) who refuses to abide by cisheteropatriarchy (and other forms of domiance/oppression, e,g, white supermacy, hierachy) are, through their own “unintelligibility” destrowing masculine and male centeric binary economies.

    woot woot.
    Femme pride!!! :D

  3. Love this post! And thanks for the link because that blog looks awesome already. I’ll have to read more of their posts but so far I enjoyed the article you linked.

  4. thanks for the feedeback, cats! huzzah!

    cuz, yeah, i don’t care what someone’s excuse for policing other people’s gender expression is– it still sucks.

    glad you like! XD

  5. I was excited about this post because I think it’s an important conversation. I’ve often felt like we shouldn’t police other people for the ways they choose to express themselves. I resent both the implication that a woman is only womanly if she wears certain clothes and adorns herself with makeup AND the implication that women who choose to do so are puppets of the patriarchy.

    The only problem however is the blog you linked to above silences comments that aren’t in full agreement with the poster / author. I went over there to lend support and clarify some misconceptions about gender theory that the poster was incorrect about but they blocked those comments.

    Just thought you should know they silence even polite replies, in case that’s something important to you.

  6. really?! eek. silencing is generally uncool. um, i need to look into this; i don’t want to send my readers into hostile territory. were your comments blocked on the article i linked to?

  7. Sorry for the late reply, yes I posted two comments on the link above and neither to this date have been published to the site. One caveat to mention is either I’m the last person to leave a comment or they just stopped comments all together because no other comments have been published and I can’t get a response from the moderator of the blog.

  8. that’s weird. maybe the mod is on vacation or maybe they stop publishing comments after the post has been up for awhile. hmmmm…

    i think i’m going to leave the link up for now because it’s a good link, but i’m gonna be a bit more careful in the future. i’ll just stick to linking to sites i know, i think.

  9. That is what is so insidious about femmephobia. It’s quite common among some feminists and radical feminists, but they don’t recognize that people’s identities tend to orbit this concepts. When your role models, and women you look up to are all ‘FEMME’, you’re looking as such isn’t a sign you are “helping the patriarchy” as much as you are just representing your role models. Some of the greatest women of our time where, of coarse, FEMME.

    To be honest, femmephobia among women is just internalized misogyny. A woman can look however she likes, be a great role model, buck the patriarchy, and still be femme. How you dress doesn’t make you, you make yourself if that is what you “choose to be”. Certainly, there is pressure to be a certain way, but that pressure doesn’t make your presentation or identity any less valid.

  10. it’s totally misogyny! all good points, sparkle-cat! (thanks!)

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