i have a gender tag! (it’s like a name tag for my gender.)

and it looks like this:

i wear it whenever i go out in public; to work, to the grocery store, to the park, etc.  it’s pretty fucking awesome; it makes me feel honest cuz if people care to look, my gender is written right on my fucking chest.  well, actually it’s written on a white sticker stuck to my chest, but you know what i mean.

when people DO misgender me (and they always do), i can point to my gender tag.  i can say stuff like, “my pronouns are singular they/them/their.  please see my gender tag.”  i feel less like i’m hiding behind a facade of cis-ness and more like i’m just doing mx. punk.

sometimes i have rad conversations with strangers because of my gender tag.  this one time at work, a middle aged woman was like, “oh my god!  i’ve been laughing at a young person in my family for saying they were genderqueer!  i totally thought they were making it up; i’m gonna go call them right now!”  she even came back the next week to talk some more about non-binary gender and to tell me that her genderqueer family member was being taken a bit more seriously.  honestly, i had no idea my gender tag would help anyone other than me– but i’m pretty excited that one less person is being ostracized and laughed at because of my li’l old gender tag.

sometimes i have uncomfortable conversations with people because of my gender tag.  i had a customer at work invite me to their church while eying my gender tag.  they also told me drugs were bad (i’ve never even tried drugs, tbh) and that god made men and women in his image.  lulz.

sometimes my gender tag scares me.  like when i’m going someplace new or when i’m working at a wedding or a party (as opposed to when i’m working in a tiny consignment store).  i see people staring at my tag and i get nervous.  i don’t know what i’m scared of, but my heart works a little harder when i know someone’s reading my gender tag.

mostly, though, i’m really stoked about my gender tag.  it’s a rad conversation-booter and it sorta alleviates my social dysphoria.

do you experience social dysphoria and if so, how do you deal with it in the presence of strangers?  talk to me, please!

8 responses to “i have a gender tag! (it’s like a name tag for my gender.)

  1. I love you. And your gender tag. Way to be brave and make people deal with their bullshit!
    It is definitely a good conversation piece, and a good way to inform others who might not know anything, otherwise.
    My method of dealing with social dysphoria is usually with very blunt humor. The kind that makes people squirm. Like when I get carded, and always say: “I know, I know, I only LOOK like a 12 year old boy.” as I hand my ID over. Or when I joke with guys about being threatened by my masculinity. Or when I make “my penis is bigger than yours” remarks. Or just a nice general, don’t hate me because I’m awesome.
    Most are the jokes I make are about gendering myself male, because more often than not I’m being gendered female, and that is my first line of defense.
    Second line of defense are jokes like: I’m sorry were you talking to me, because I don’t see any of those around. And a constant undercut of however I’m being identified.

  2. aw! i love you, too! and i love making people confront their bullshit. well, actually, a shit-ton of people just pretend they don’t see my gender tag, but it probably still gives them something to think about.

    humor is pretty awesome, ain’t it? i rarely manage “witty” when i have time to think about my words (you may have noticed that my blog is far more silly than it is witty), so i totally admire people who can defend themselves with humor on the spot. that’s just fucking rad! huzzah!

  3. This is totally a super idea, but like how does it work? Like is it a sticker, or like how do you attach it to your(awesome)self?

  4. i buy these packs of blank stickers, write on them, and stick them to my(awesome)self! it’s pretty fun. also, i sometimes make rainbow stickers and stuff.

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  6. How cool would it be if you made that a t-shirt? That people could buy? (Spoiler: VERY COOL.) I would totally buy that and spin around in an amazing cloud of nonbinaryness, coming out left and right and whatever other directions might exist. And plus you could maybe earn some money selling it! ooor if that is a thing you’re not interested in then might i have permission to go and make a similar shirt for myself?

  7. ah wait i have just become aware (thx google) that there are a bunch of other shirts like that on zazzle and cafepress, what a great discovery

  8. i shall now spin around in an amazing cloud of nonbinariness! ta-DAAAAA! *am woozy*

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