queer dinosaur in space!

queer t-rex on the moon with rainbows.  that is all.

9 responses to “queer dinosaur in space!

  1. If by “that is all” you mean “that is awesome”, I agree.

  2. thanks and yay! also, i updated the picture since you 2 commented; i added stars! huzzah!

  3. alot of mystery

    It all makes sense now!

  4. yay for alots! <3!

  5. OMG, I TOTALLY LOVE THIS! I <3 it times 9 hundred, million, billion, trillion, sextillion, infinite. Did you change the rainbow up top too?

  6. yay!!!! <3333 i did change the rainbow; it was starting to bug me. also, i think this rainbow is only temporary cuz it's a bit boring, but i'm having scads of fun scheming up a new banner! huzzah!

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