pansexuality test!

at last!  a handy, totally reliable, well-researched test to separate the pansexuals from the non-pansexuals!  i know you want it cuz you keep fucking googling it, so here it is.  you’re welcome.

*   *   *

1) do you identify as pansexual?

2) do you experience attraction to people of all genders (binary and nonbinary) and/or experience attraction to people regardless of gender?

*   *   *

if you answered “yes” to both questions, you’re pansexual.

if you answered “yes” to #1, you’re pansexual.  if you answered “no” to #1, you’re not pansexual.  pretty simple.

“yes” to #2 means you’re probably some sort of multisexual (umbrella term pansexuality falls under), but you could be bisexual, polysexual, pansexual etc.  it’s up to you, cat.

if you answered “yes” to #1 but “no” to #2, i don’t know what to tell you.  i’m not going to police your sexuality, but i’m not familiar with your flavor of pansexuality.  maybe school me?

if you answered “no” to both questions, you’re not pansexual and you know it.  you’re still fucking rad, though.  cupcakes for everyone!

the moral of the story is you own your sexuality and you get to name it.  yay!

(and how fucking silly is it that i even made this “test?”  people keep finding my blog by googling “pansexuality test” so i made one.  and now i feel silly.  seriously, do you cats think this “test” is un-police-y enough?  or should it just consist of question #1?)

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17 responses to “pansexuality test!

  1. But what if you answered, “sorta”, “sometimes”, or “I’ll take what I can get” to question number two?

  2. lulz! then you’re actually spaghetti! <3 i mean, if you answered yes to #1, that's kinda the final word.

    seriously, though, should i just delete #2? i don't want to encourage folks to search for sexuality "tests," ya know? i just want to make fun of them (kindly) and reassure them that they have the final word. and tease them a bit cuz they seriously keep googling that shit all the time.

  3. <3 Ha!

    I think it should stay, one question just sounds like the loneliest question.

  4. that’s a good point, actually! questions run in herds. <3

  5. This is difficult for me to answer, because part of me says that identity policing is rampant and odious, and people do it to wallow in false moral superiority over the “fakers” and those lower on the social ladder. But I also feel like words should mean something, damnit! In my little anal retentive world I want everything neatly and precisely defined. Like that’s gonna happen.

  6. harrow, i feel ya. seriously, i smack into that dilemma all the fucking time. i don’t know what to do about it. i usually try to stay outta it.

    thing is, i get shit-tons of cats messaging me with variations on “i do x and i wear y and i fuck z; what’s my sexual orientation/gender identity?” and i’m just like, no,cat, i’m not going to police your shit.” i try to give some guidance, but i also stress that self-identification is reallyreally important.

    so, um, this is a fucking dilemma. if you ever figure out the magic answer, lemme know!

  7. Wow umm ii guess dat this test was d answer to my questions. I am proud to say that imm a straight up PANSEXUAL. thanx for d simple test ;))

  8. um, you’re welcome? and are you making fun of me?

  9. @Harrow
    You’re not alone, a large bulk of who you are as an individual is directly tied to language. I mean can you imagine living without it? Thinking without words? What is the sense of self without language? There would be no self reflection without it.

  10. I hope you know this helped me a while back. I was going too give up and say I was bi, not openly yet but I know I’d have too identify in the future. But after my friend told me I may be pansexual I did some research on it and after someone questioning on it after I decided in identify on it I decided to test my self. After 3 bullshit test that were easy too rig and made on sense I came across this. You made is so easy and clear to understand and reading your other enters on it helped me as well.
    I’m quite proud now too say I’m pansexual, and if anyone questions me I will now how to explain myself and my sexually.

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  12. Iris Cahallan

    Is there a sexually beween straight and pansexual?

  13. i’m not really sure what you mean by this question. um, i’m known for needing stuff spelled out for me, though, so maybe it’s just me.

    i guess what confuses me is the word “between.” sorry.

  14. Potato Trent

    (Iris Cahallan) I’m not for sure what I am either straight or pansexul? … I found one attration in one girl, and I only like her for her personallty, …. but I’m dating a guy and I really love him but is it wrong to like some one when your dating? and I want you to tell me if im pansexul or straight?????? really confussed please help?

  15. thanks for clarifying! <3 i can't tell you what your sexual orientation is cuz that's so personal that only you get to label it.

    that said, i can tell you that pansexuality involves being attracted to people of all genders. some pan folks experience this as attraction to people regardless of gender (that is, gender isn't a concern) other pan folks DO care about gender, but they find it sexy, so it still doesn't limit their attractions. other pan folks (like me!) experience a combination of "genders are sexy/awesome" and "gender has nothing to do with sexy times!" so really, pansexuality is a bit vague.

    heterosexuality involves attraction to people of one gender different than your own. if you experience attraction to people of more than one gender, you're probably not heterosexual.

    instead, you might be bisexual, trisexual, pansexual, etc.! and that's pretty awesome.

    anyway, only you can choose how to label yourself. it sounds to me like you're probably not straight, but you have lots of other options.

    also, you don't have to choose a label right away; you can take as long as you like. you could even invent your own label if you wanted.

    as for what's right or wrong in a relationship, that's up to the people in the relationship. each relationship has its own rules. for example, in some relationships, it's ok to flirt with people outside the relationship. in other relationships, it's not ok. know what i mean?

    i think it's important to discuss these things with your partner in order to ensure you both know what the other person considers cheating. there's no right or wrong here as long as everything's consensual.

    anyway, take care! <333

  16. Potato Trent,
    Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with finding people other than your partner attractive. Most people do. It’s just a feeling, you can’t help it, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just because you’re attracted to someone doesn’t mean you have to act on that attraction.
    Secondly, you can totally be in between straight and pan/bi. Many multisexual people find that they’re more strongly attracted to one gender than the other. For example, you could find that of the people you find sexy, 70% are guys.
    Sometimes people who experience attraction to multiple genders with a strong preference for one gender describe themselves as heteroflexible or homoflexible (with their primary orientation + flexible). So a woman who is usually attracted to men but sometimes attracted to women could describe herself as heteroflexible.

  17. Brenna Noller

    So like. For #2, I answered along the lines of “I have a gender preference but when it comes down to it, if we’re happy I don’t care who I’m with”

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