Monthly Archives: December 2012

my school’s queer-straight alliance is wicked-awesome

i know i have enough privilege (white, currently-abled, dfab, conditional cis) to not have to worry about my safety as much as, say, tpoc, but i feel like i always have to be ready for shit.  it’s weird cuz i don’t realize i have my hackles up til i enter actual safe space– and then my shoulders slip down by increments and my stunned jaw thaws.  it’s like i’m so tense all the time that i don’t realize i’m tense til my body tells me it’s over.

every time i walk into the room where my qsa meets, it’s the same.   i realize i’ve been holding myself in when i finally get to sit down in that small room filled with fabulous queers.  those cats are just neon.

i joined my school’s qsa in october-ish; it’s been pretty fucking rad.  also, there’re a bunch of trans* folks in my qsa– and i’m not the only nonbinary person!  huzzah!  i actually get to interact with cats whose pronouns are the same as mine.

i don’t know how to describe my feelings about hanging out with other nonbinary trans* folks in meatspace.  it makes me feel real/safe/solid/shocked/excited/humbled!  i don’t know.  i just can’t explain it, but i bet lotsa you cats know what i’m talking about.  like, i’m SOLID now.  i might actually be a real person!  and these cats always get my pronouns right; that’s pretty rare.  pretty special.

also, all the cis folks in my qsa are lovely and i love them.  <3  they make me feel safe and they seem to give a shit about trans* people.  yay!

i’m rambling.  sorry, folks!  i guess it’s past my bedtime and shit, but i just wanted to tell you about my qsa; they’re a fucking neon bunch.  glitter and plaid for all!  g’night!

also, here’s a silly picture of some of the cats in my qsa:



cats, it’s fucking CRUNCH time and i’m dying of homework.  also, exams in a few days.  rrrrrrrrrr!  anyway, i haven’t forgotten about you!  i totes have shit-tons of neon post ideas and i’ll share them with you in a week or so.

til then, here’s a silly story about an asshole i met in a clothing store a few months ago.  basically, i was all like, “do you have any gender-inclusive change rooms?”  and she was all like, “we have a family change room, but you can’t use it cuz you aren’t a family.”  so i was like, “well, i’m not a woman or a man blah blah blah nonbinary gender blah blah…”  and she made a grossed-out face, forced herself to smile, and was all likeyou can't try on clothes here