binarist asshattery (9000th edition)

yeah, more binarist asshattery. it never ends. to no one’s shock ever, care2 make a difference is binarist. i wouldn’t give a fuck, but they always have awesomegrumpy mx. punk is grumpy petitions i want to sign– which i can’t sign without misgendering myself. in order to sign petitions, you need to sign in (or register) and choose a binary gender and a gendered prefix (unless you choose “dr.”).

i was so upset that i couldn’t sign this particular petition, i sent an email to them about it. who knows if they’ll ever get back to me, but here it is:

i would love to create an account with care2 make a difference. unfortunately, you’ve chosen to force people to choose between male and female when creating an account. you’ve also chosen to force people to choose a gendered prefix while signing petitions (unless the person chooses “dr.”). this sucks because lots of people (ok, a few people) are 1) neither men nor women or 2) they’re both.

for example, i’m a nonbinary trans* person; i’m neither a man nor a woman. how the hell am i supposed to create an account here or sign petitions? i refuse to just lie and erase myself. you’re implicitly excluding nonbinary people from your site, whether or not you mean to.

please consider allowing people to forgo choosing a gender and a gendered prefix. alternatively, you could add “mx.” as a prefix option (a non-gendered prefix) and “nonbinary” as a gender option.

i’d create a petition about this, but i’d have to misgender myself in order to do it. i challenge you to care to make a difference.


mx. punk

i know, i know. i probably shouldn’t care about this one little petition site. there’re tons of other petitions for me to sign. i know. i guess their whole “human rights” / “make a difference!” thing got to me.  cuz they only appear interested in human rights for certain people, i guess.

but who knows. maybe they’ll email me back and be all like, “whoa! we didn’t know there were more than 2 genders!gold ally star holy shit, we’ll fix that right away! human rights for everyone!” cuz that’d be rad and i would award them the coveted gold ally star. and who the fuck wouldn’t want to be awarded the gold ally star, right? that’s what i’d like to know.

*   *   *

also, my partner and i are moving (houses, not blogs) to a cabin in the forest on an even smaller island! with a bigger vegetable garden! and my partner and i can actually afford it! (srsly, wtf.) and it’s crunch time at school and we’re moving on april 1st, so holy shit we’re freaking out. yeah.

so i have lots of post ideas, but not much time for posting (except i have a few almost-finished posts i might finish soon). stick around, though, my lovelies. <3 school’ll be over halfway through april; be ready.

stay splendid, cats. <3 and don’t eat too much glitter!

6 responses to “binarist asshattery (9000th edition)

  1. <3 good to hear from you.

    Don't allies traditionally get cookies? Or are we not doing that anymore?

    Is there anything I can do to help?

    Also yay, vegetable garden. Happy for you.

  2. Congratulation on finding the new place! That’s great.

    Care2…I’ve signed petitions with them before. It’s interesting that you’ve brought this up. I struggle with the concept of nonbinary gender but that’s my problem, not any one else’s. Having said that though, I happen to agree about the gender assignment and the prefixes. I often find myself annoyed by this. I don’t understand why they need to know my gender in the first place and I hate the female prefixes. As a self identified divorced woman, I don’t feel like a Mrs. Nor do I feel like a Miss. (Brings to mind being a teen again.) That brings me to Ms. I just find it awkward. I’d rather not use a prefix at all. That would be seriously cool.

    Personally I hope they respond to your email. :-)

  3. Keep us updated on their response. Also… congratulations and good luck in your move and new residence, It sounds lovely!

  4. @ em: hey, cat! always lovely to hear from you, too. <3 and we're super stoked about the bigger garden; we crammed a fucked up amount of vegetables into our tiny garden this year, but this is gonna be rad.

    yeah, there're these stars on tumblr: the "there was an attempt" star, for example. that's probably why this ended up as a star rather than a cookie. also, i wanted to draw a star. but maybe it's a star-shaped cookie!

    if you want, you're welcome to send care2 a polite yet firm email to let them know you how you feel. that might help.

    sometimes i think someone should make a blog/website that basically documents and coordinates people's efforts to get more online nonbinary (and trans* in general) inclusivity. like, "ok cats! let's email these people this week!" and then document who is actually inclusive. i dunno. if i were bored and didn't have a billion other awesome things to do.

    @ moria: thanks for the congrats! we're so excited it's fucking silly. <3

    and yeah, regardless of someone's gender, they shouldn't be forced to choose a prefix. the whole notion that people should be required to use prefixes when signing petitions is fucking weird. they don't care if i call myself "mr. fluffy alien-spike," but they think prefixes are important? oog.

    um, i'm not really sure what you mean by / hope to accomplish with your comment about struggling with the concept of nonbinary gender. i think by stating it publicly here, you sort of DO make it other people's problem. even though i'm sure you didn't mean it that way. know what i mean? i don't wanna sound harsh or pissed off (i'm not even remotely pissed off); i just don't wanna let that bit about struggling with nonbinary gender slide.

    that said, i do answer 101 questions and stuff privately; if you message me, i'll be happy to try to clear shit up for you. i just don't wanna do it in a comment thread cuz derailment. but i'm always stoked to talk about this stuff via email. <3 take care!

    @ bia: yep! i'll definitely keep you posted! i really hope they reply; that'd rock. and thanks for the congrats! exciiiiiited! <3 i grew up on a farm, but i've been living downtown since they sold the farm; it'll be rad to live in a rural area again. huzzah!

  5. Every other transsexual ever

    [comment removed by mx. punk]

  6. @ every other transsexual ever: get the fuck over yourself. you don’t speak for anyone but yourself.

    if you want to comment here, try avoiding oppressive slurs. also, blaming marginalized groups of people for their own oppression is bullshit.

    i’m not interested in your shit.

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