i’m back from my end-of-semester hiatus!

yay! i missed you! and i have zillions of post ideas! (actually zillions; i counted them.) i really needed that break, though, so whew.

what happened to me? well, i moved and i got all busy with end-of-semester things. also, i’ve been neon busy in the vegetable garden cuz it’s that time of year and growing food is plasmic. yay! i also compiled some recent poetry into a booklet (cuz “book” is probably too strong a word); i might make it available online by donation to fund my top surgery. is anybody interested in that?

also, we don’t have the internet at our place cuz we can’t afford it. i’m actually writing this on a laptop at home; i’ll take the laptop somewhere with wi-fi (today? tomorrow? who knows?) and post this. so, um, shit’s gonna be different around here. i won’t be as in-the-loop as i was before. i won’t approve or reply to comments as frequently as i did before. i won’t reply to emails as frequently as i did before (which was already too infrequently).

i’m pretty worried about comments, actually. there’re a fuck-ton of comments i haven’t even read, let alone approved and replied to. some of them are old and the writers probably think i hate them (i don’t! i promise!). if i’m not going to moderate comments regularly, it doesn’t make sense to have all comments go through moderation before they can appear on my blog. but there are a few bored people who try to slip vehemently anti-trans* comments through moderation—i wouldn’t want their comments to just hang out on my blog triggering folks. and some of these people change their id’s all the time (but i know it’s them), so i can’t just block their id’s. so, um, ideas? do i just try to moderate regularly and see how it goes?

also, if you sent me a message, like, a month ago (or more) and i still haven’t answered it—i will. i promise! i haven’t even been on the internet in about a month, so, um, yeah. i’ve gotta catch up.

anyway, here’s a picture for you:Image

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