“diversity” my awesome fat ass

know what i’m fucking done with? people saying “gay” or “gay and lesbian” when they mean “queer.” (i’m also done with people saying “queer” when they mean “gay.”)

i just read an article in a newspaper entitled “gay and lesbian community celebrates diversity.” the article is about a local group that organizes pride events every year. they claim to be about celebrating all sorts of queer folks, but this article gives no hint that bisexual, pansexual or asexual (etc.) people even exist. instead, the article talks about gay and lesbian people as though they’re the entire queer community.

to make shit worse, the article uses the word “transgenders.” like, they can only be bothered to refer to us once in article with the word “diversity” in the title— and they think “transgender” is a noun.

i have no idea if this is just shitty reporting or if this queer (gay and lesbian?) group actually erased multisexual/asexual folks during the interview, but fuck off. not that i find any of this surprising, but it still pisses me off.

and i know it’s only the beginning; pride season is upon us. we get to hear about “gay pride” and gay pride parades” all summer. i find this really upsetting; our own community has no space for us.

there’s only one thing to do; go forth and smite those who would erase us, my lovelies. go forth.

3 responses to ““diversity” my awesome fat ass

  1. Glad to have you back posting or ranting or whatever. Looking forward to the other zillion ideas you had while you were moving/gardening/studenting. I hate people who tell me I am a butch dyke and I should stop saying I am trans* since I am not planning on “transitioning” and that somehow I am tarnishing butchdom by not upholding butch purity. Aargh.

  2. yay! hello! posting again is fucking awesome!

    and those people sound like asshats! nobody has the right to tell you who/what you are; that’s YOUR area of expertise. oog.

    the whole idea of transitioning in a certain way in order to follow ~the trans* narrative~ is fucking bullshit. being trans* isn’t about fitting the trans* narrative. it’s about being who you are in a world that tells you you’re someone else.

    and yes. i do like to rant. mostly about grues.

  3. I so never have ever posted a comment in my life but fucking fuck yeah! I’m awkwardly thirding your sentiment in this post from every _____ of my _____ even if it’s years old, you never see it, the community never does because it never gets posted, it had to be done because I just found this and it’s there. Manifest destiny. But less murdering. Maybe a little.

    Had the experience of walking into the local Pride office with a friend of mine. I actually got locked outside a room for an hour and left to myself in a lonely hallway with only a bowl of rainbow condoms for company while her, more acceptable, identity got a grand tour. She tried to get me a baggie of the party favors they were giving out for visitors and I found myself having to not only prove myself by stating to a stranger my gender identity, which, frankly, I only submitted to as a matter of course to spare my friend embarrassment as this visit was her idea, gender preferences and current relationships, (I was at a loss for the secret handshake and they weren’t buying my thumb adornment as a decoder ring) but also have the lovely and indelible memory of defining the words “pansexual”, “nonbinary” and “polyamorous” to two cismale homosexuals who stared at me like I was the creature all grown up from Rosemary’s womb.

    It’s ok. I left them balloon animals queued up all around the bowl. And the pretty, rainbow latex confetti of those that didn’t make it. I see your pseudotolerance and raise you happy condom animals.

    You’re prolly long gone to other things, but I’d really like to thank you for this site. I believe yours is an important voice in the din that should be heard.

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