i might start a side blog

i’m thinking of starting a side blog for my poetry. i’d just post poems on it occasionally, but probably not get too involved in comments and stuff.

so what should i call it? i’d like the name of my poetry blog to be related to the name of this blog, but “rainbowgenderpunk poetry” seems really, um, clumsy. maybe “the fabulous poemings of mx. punk”? lulz.

i may or may not start a poetry blog, but it wouldn’t affect my activity on this blog. if it started to, i’d shut down the poetry blog. so nobody panic. i just think it’d be sweet to get some of my poetry out there. cuz yay!

anyway, thoughts? i need name suggestions!

2 responses to “i might start a side blog

  1. yallsmoketoenjoyit


  2. <3333333! that's pretty awesome, cat! thanks! i'll definitely write that one down. huzzah!

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