i’m aliiiiive

hello, folks! no, i’m not gonna start writing here again. i just want to say a few things.

  • i miss you.
  • but this blog was too much responsibility and i no longer agree with some of the things i wrote here
  • i have a new blog!
  • it’s a poetry blog!

the whole purpose of this post was to give you folks my new address, which i did, but i’ve decided to remove it. i figure that some of my old followers will have already found me, and this way i’ll leave some of the trolls behind. i guess the window has closed, cats.

stay awesome, people.

8 responses to “i’m aliiiiive

  1. thought you’d fallen off the face of the earth….

  2. I came across your blog only after you’d stopped writing, and wish we’d have crossed paths / gotten to interact. Love this blog!

  3. HOLY SHIT. I’d never thought I’d hear from you again. See you on the new blog.

  4. Oh no i just recently found this blog and i thought it was awesome >.<
    So sorry

  5. Ryan Poquis

    Awwwww… I really liked this blog

  6. ikr
    I was shocked to see you here until i remembered i sent you the link


  8. If you are no longer going to take responsibility for the content on this blog, can you please delete the really disgusting and inaccurate dfab “privilege” checklist? Because it literally reads like an MRA piece. Trans privilege does not exist and female designated privilege does not exist.

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