about mx. punk

here’s the short version: i’m a white, nonbinary trans*, pansexual singergardenerpoet.  i fucking love gwar, turbonegro, billie holiday, the germs, hatebreed, rollins band, 3 inches of blood, hugh fraser, and charles mingus.  i own that some of those bands are racist and shitty; i don’t defend that shit in any way. i love my sweetheart even more than i love the bright sky and i love to draw silly pictures of myself for him.  usually with rainbows and volcanoes.  plus, i’m a seriously fabulous kitty.

here’s the longer/taller/wider version: i am a nonbinary dfab trans* person.  i know that “nonbinary” is a wide word encompassing many things, but to me, it means that my gender is queer (or possibly non-existent).   i prefer non-gendered pronouns to gendered pronouns, i use the handicapped washroom when i have to piss in public because i hate choosing between “men” and “women”, and my body isn’t female— it’s nonbinary, thanks.

i am also pansexual.  to me, that means that i have the capacity to experience romantic/sexual attraction to people of any gender.  sometimes, i just tell people i’m queer rather than getting into an in-depth discussion of pansexuality, but i definitely identify as pansexual.  cuz pans sex me up.

i try to check my white, cis-appearing, dfab trans*, currently-abled privileges; feel free to call me out when i fuck up.  also, you’re very welcome to let me know how i can make this space safer for you.

i love to color silly pictures; you may or may not have noticed this.  if you don’t like silly pictures, you should probably go away.  if you DO like silly pictures, and i’m assuming you do because you’re reading about a silly-picture-artist, you may help yourself to some finger paints and crayons.

plus, i reallyreally want to know what you think of my blog.  if you have suggestions, leave a comment and let me know!  i love hearing from people via my message box, too.  also, dinosaurs are wonderful.

20 responses to “about mx. punk

  1. I like the way you draw. It’s cool.
    Hi, btw

  2. yay! that makes me happy! i’m glad you like silly drawings, kusurje.

  3. I bloody love your blog. Do you live in Australia? I’m doing stand-up there in March and April. I think you’d like it. x

  4. i wish i could go to your show, but i live in canada. thanks for inviting me, though; if i lived in australia, i’d totally go to your show. thanks for the sweet feedback, too. i’m really glad you like my blog!

  5. You, mx.punk, are rad. I have been scouring the blogosphere looking for fellow pansexual, non-binaries, and i’m so glad i found your blog. Love that you’re also a fellow singer type, and love the drawings, meow. Keep the great stuff coming, kindred!

  6. yay! thanks for the positive feedback! you’re pretty rad, too. love your blog, man.

  7. I recently came up with the word genderpunk and have been using it it to describe myself. One of my friends didn’t know what the word meant, so she googled it and found you.
    It’s so nice to know that the word which I thought I’d invented is already being used by somebody else, and with exactly the same meaning attatched to it. Gender has been a forced binary for far too long. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  8. thanks for the kudos! i love blogging because i want to reach people. before i started blogging, i was out scouring the internet for other people like me sharing their ideas– and there wasn’t much out there. i try to help fill that space and grow the community, so i’m stoked to hear that you’re digging it. yay!

  9. HI!

    I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks be to Reneta Xian for linking to you. I’m digging your thoughts, and loving your world view.

    Many thanks,

  10. Possibly a silly question, but why an * after the prefix “trans”?

  11. not a silly question at all, actually.

    “trans*” is more inclusive than “trans” (thanks for asking, btw). i don’t think i can explain it as well a this article does (http://life-in-neon.tumblr.com/post/23714560950/trans-the-trans-asterisk); feel free to check it out.

    i started using the asterisk a few months ago; older posts don’t have the asterisk. i might go back and change them if i ever have enough free time.

  12. Ah, excellent. Thank you! Love the drawings on here, btw. :)

  13. thanks!

    …sorry for not answering your comment on your blog, btw. i figured it would just turn into a fight, basically. so i decided to walk away early on. you’re always welcome here, though. :)

  14. Ah, well, I think we just have different views on that particular subject. :D Which, again, doesn’t mean I have any less respect. :)

  15. “Which, again, doesn’t mean I have any less respect.”

    …i’m going to try to word this carefully. actually, if you feel entitled to comment on the validity of other people’s gender identities and sexual identities, you’re basically talking over other people’s lived experiences– which is pretty disrespectful, imo. sure, you’re being polite about it (a good thing!), but you still seem to think you know other people’s gender and sexual identities better than they do.

    i could totally be misunderstanding you; i misread stuff all the time. i’m also not trying to jump all over you, here. i just don’t think this is about us “hav[ing] different views.”

    take how i feel about polyamory as an example. i could never be poly. i just don’t have it in me to be poly. i don’t understand polyamory at ALL– but i still have to take people’s word for it that polyamory is right for them. i think this issue we’re having is sorta like that. cuz sometimes, when it comes to personal bits of other people, you just have to take their word for it.

    thanks for commenting here, btw. if the only people who ever came around here were people who thought exactly the same way i do– i’d be fucking bored. :)

  16. Know any blogs for/by pansexual TPOC? :(

  17. hi, tee! <3 sorry it took me so long to get back to you; i've been on hiatus and now i'm overwhelmed by all the new comments and messages. whew!

    anyway, i don't know of a single blog for/by tpoc, but if i ever find any, i'll post them in my blogroll. also, if you ever find any, pleasepleaseplease let me know cuz that's a much needed resource!

    take care, cat! <3

  18. Laura Bradley Rede

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little heartbroken that I discovered this blog only after you stopped writing it, but I am super thankful for the posts you left up here. You are a brilliant writer and a rad kitty and I truly enjoyed this blog!

  19. If you see this here, I can’t help but ask, what theme is this site on? thanks xx

  20. I sympathize with earlier poster Laura Bradley Rede.

    In 2011, i could have majorly used this blog and it is with both sadness and joy that I find it only now. While I wonder how my own mind might have come to its realizations sooner if I had somehow wandered here back then, with someone, anyone, not a pet but a person or even people who would have understood my own thoughts as the host and contributors here often seem to do, yet I am a true believer in walking our given paths and owning them. With that sentiment, I can comfort myself when I look behind and see the deep, dark woods with scary monsters and prickly jaggers that catch and scrape and know that had I not made my way through there, I would not be where I am, which I feel is a comparatively much safer place most days.

    I have done my own online writing, which, while megacathartic, and for which I still receive the comments of others years later, I find myself so far away from that time, even though it was and remains me and my thoughts and words, I cannot quite bring myself to step backwards and reply, even when I tell myself I would like to do so. This is where the joy part comes in–as I suppose I like to imagine our absent host here has moved on and has found a happiness somewhere that forbids looking back. And in my presumptuous brand of gratitude for the sharing done so generously for us all here, all I can say is thank you, mx. punk. This cat is rooting for you and passing out cookies.

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