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cats, it’s fucking CRUNCH time and i’m dying of homework.  also, exams in a few days.  rrrrrrrrrr!  anyway, i haven’t forgotten about you!  i totes have shit-tons of neon post ideas and i’ll share them with you in a week or so.

til then, here’s a silly story about an asshole i met in a clothing store a few months ago.  basically, i was all like, “do you have any gender-inclusive change rooms?”  and she was all like, “we have a family change room, but you can’t use it cuz you aren’t a family.”  so i was like, “well, i’m not a woman or a man blah blah blah nonbinary gender blah blah…”  and she made a grossed-out face, forced herself to smile, and was all likeyou can't try on clothes here

queer dinosaur in space!

queer t-rex on the moon with rainbows.  that is all.

top surgery is fucking expensive

ok.  so the jar looks funny, but you know what it’s supposed to look like.  fixed it!  also, you already know i can’t draw; you don’t come here for high art, so don’t complain about my jar-drawing abilities.

and yes, i really do have a jar filled with colorful buttons.  <3

my silly bathroom dilemma

it’s too serious-ful around here!

so here’s some silly violence!

you’re welcome.  i might have more for you later, depending on how i feel about “c.m.”.

and no, i don’t really think silly pictures are off-topic.  i think i promised you gender issues,  sexuality issues and silly pictures.  yay!